Pipe Bending-Welding

We bend pipes and do welding in our metal unit. Machine layout is improving day by day according to customer demands. The laboratory is being created in parallel to produced products. Measurements, welding penetration tests are being done within the plant.

Machine Park:

Ø38 x 6  4 Axes CNC Pipe Bending

Ø38x6    4 Axes CNC Pipe Bending

Ø32 x 6 7 Axes CNC Pipe Bending

Ø60x 5    NC Pipe Bending

Ø76 Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Semi Automatic Circle Saw

Dovetail Opening Machine

200 ton Hydraulic Press

25 ton Hydraulic Press

120 Ton Bending Press

120 KW Projection Welding Machine

MIG/MAG Welding Machine *9