We continuously improve our quality...

We produce automotive industry and in-car, high quality sponge, metal and plastic parts.

Entry Opportunity...

We are open to innovations and constantly evaluate new opportunities.

Customer Oriented Quality Production

Customer-oriented, our employees participate in all processes, adopts a quality production approach.

Customer Focused Quality Production

We are customer oriented, with a vision of leadership, our employees are taking part in all processes, making effective decisions, and understanding quality with our suppliers.

Wide Machine Park

We are closely monitoring all the technological developments in our industry and aim to develop our machine park with this target.

Metal and Foam Production

We have the opportunity to manufacture seat subcomponent products at a requested density level for OEM and automotive seat producers.

Plastic and Mold Production

Mold design including automotive and furniture sector, foam mold manufacturing and plastic mold manufacturing, various apparatus fixture design and manufacturing



Thanks to our state-of-the-art injection machines and robots integrated with them, we produce OEM and automotive seat producers, seat sponges, head parts.

Mold designing, automotive and furniture sector, sponge mold making and plastic mold making, various apparatus fixture design and manufacturing.